The project

DO IT YOURSELF aims to create a network of organizations from various European countries that can exchange good practices and actively discuss the use of digital education.

The goal is to help the digital transition of teachers, students and educational staff. The project is addressed to teachers and educators and school students in view of a reorganization of ICT activities in school life. The idea that in many European countries, educators and the students themselves are in difficulty in using digital education or at least do not know how to use it to its full potential.

This critical element was highlighted by the Covid19 situation, when schools were required to work 100% in digital education. As European Commission has stated, the fast pace of digitization and automation, together with the sustainability imperative, are reshaping labor market needs across all sectors. Key competences, digital competences in particular, and “soft” transversal skills will be essential to ensure multiple job changes and keep pace with technological progress, while we advance in the digital and green transition.

The project is configured as a process that starts from an analysis of the context up to the structuring of courses that can respond to the needs of the project participants. In this sense, the project is configured as an action-research that wants, on one hand, to photograph the “state of the art” in the field of digital education and the training needs of teachers and educators in this field and, on the other hand, to test and validate new training packages. for the application of ICT in teaching.

The project is divided into three main actions that will lead to the declination of the three main project outputs: Action research thanks to the creation and administration of questionnaires and interviews aimed at analyzing the needs of educators and teachers in the field of digital education and the collection of good practices already tested at European level; Creation of MOOCs available online for at least 5 years on the School Education Gateway and EPALE; Publication of scientific articles and book aimed at dissemination of the data collected and the MOOC to a large community.