The main objective of the project DO IT YOURSELF is to create good practices in digital education, to fit in the needs of educators and to create a possible model of digital education. For this to be achieved a partnership between teachers, students and parents will be created. During the pandemic teaching was suddenly moved to online environment, and not all teachers had the knowledge and skills required to adapt to the new situation. This exposed barriers in education that this project wishes to overcome. The following outcomes are planned to reach this objective:

  • To collect and share didactic good practices;
  • To create a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) about innovative practices and competences for educators;
  • To create a eBOOK with all the essential information for the educators regarding the use of digital education in schools.

With those outputs we aim to increase the digital competences of the educators and to empower them to use digital technologies to enhance inclusion, personalization, and learners’ active engagement. Initial research and analysis of the situation showed that there is a huge need for good resources to be implemented in the classroom.

For educators who are dealing with many things it is not easy to know what the best tools are to put in practice with their students. If an educator wishes to implement the tools efficiently, he or she must test them before implementation. Often educators lack the required time to do so which results in educators using the same tools regardless of the needs of their students.

If tools are not suitable for students, they cannot participate and engage in the learning process. During the project educators will test some digital tools, participate in the training course, and attend MOOC, which will include a set of digital tools that will support the educators to create more innovative and motivational classes for their students.

The transnationally of the project will offer the different knowledge and perception that each partner has, and it will enable sharing of how the tools are implanted in practice and how the students respond to individual tool. The internationalizations will therefore add value to the project. The target group of the project, the students, will benefit from the knowledge that their educators acquired by participating in the training and in project activities to learn to use tools that will now be successfully implemented during the lessons.