Intellectual outputs

RESEARCH on DIgital Education;

  • to investigate the needs of teachers and educators in terms of Digital Education
  • to systematize our proposal in an easily accessible and shareable


  • includes a set of digital tools that will support the educators to create more innovative and motivational classes for their students.
  • to promote Digital Education in Europe thanks to the production of an ebook, scientific articles.

eBOOk and Scientific Articles;
They will be important not only for spreading new way of teaching, but also to:

  • motivate and re-motivate teachers who have experienced difficulties in managing distance learning during COVID 19
  • motivate and re-motivate students who have suffered important relapses in terms of learning and motivation due to the different lockdowns experienced during COVID19
  • increase and improve professional skills for teachers and educators thanks to new competencies in the field of Digital Education
  • increase and improve professional skills for students regarding ICT
  • promote and improve the collaboration at international levels for schools and colleagues, sharing materials and methodologies